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Worldmark by Wyndham Memberships for Sale


As of 1st January Wyndham have changed the rules on combining memberships together.  If you already own an existing membership you must purchase a membership with the same anniversary month as yours if you want them combined (but you can buy any membership if you are happy to keep them separate).  For customers who don’t currently have a membership you can buy a membership with any anniversary.  Because of these changes we are now holding much more stock so rather than listing all options please use the form below to send us the details of what you are looking for and we can then send you details of what we have that will suit your needs.

Most of our memberships sell for 55c or less per annual credit (depending on number of available credits) so to give you an idea on pricing we can offer options such as:

Annual CreditsAvailable CreditsPrice


Note that we can do any membership size from 6,000 to 100,000 or more credits and with an anniversary to match your current one if you are already an owner.  Use the form below to tell us what you want and we will send through details of the options available.


For annual fees on memberships refer to the chart at the bottom of this page or refer to our Online Fee Calculator

Redseason Bonus Benefits

All memberships we sell come with the Redseason Bonus Benefits that you will not get from any other seller (including Wyndham!).  Click here for more information on the bonus benefits.

Price Match Guarantee

We believe our prices are fair to both the buyer and seller however if you have seen a cheaper price advertised elsewhere for a membership with similar details then let us know and we will do our best to match it.

Other Fees

All our pricing is fully inclusive of all transfer fees so this is all you have to pay for the membership if you pay by bank transfer or bPay.  There is a surcharge for credit card payments, which is 1.8% surcharge for Visa or MasterCard and 4.35% for American Express.  Once the membership has been transferred to your name you are then responsible for the ongoing club fees.  The club membership levies for the 2019 year are as follows (note that fees are generally paid in either quarterly or monthly instalments):

Membership SizeAnnual Fee

Note that Worldmark memberships purchased on the secondhand market do not include the Privileges benefits as these are non-transferrable. For more information see Wyndham Privileges Program.

DISCLAIMER:  All prices listed are for the specific memberships we have in stock at the current time.  Each membership is priced individually so we can only guarantee the pricing details for the memberships in stock at any time – as memberships are sold and new memberships are added prices will change.

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