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Worldmark by Wyndham Memberships for Sale

All these memberships have their fees billed in Australian dollars – we also have a small selection of memberships with fees billed in New Zealand dollars. Click here for a list of our New Zealand Dollar Fee memberships.

Annual Credits Available Credits Anniversary Month Price Discount Price
6,000 2,500 January $3,600 $3,420
6,000 6,000 October $3,840 $3,648
6,000 8,175 October $3,990 $3,790
6,000 9,370 April $4,080 $3,876
6,000 12,000 February $4,260 $4,047
7,000 1,750 March $4,110 $3,904
7,000 5,100 January $4,350 $4,132
7,000 8,800 September $4,610 $4,379
7,000 9,750 November $4,670 $4,436
7,000 14,000 September $4,970 $4,721
8,000 16,000 April $5,680 $5,396
9,000 18,000 November $6,300 $5,985
10,000 11,150 June $6,480 $6,156
10,000 16,400 September $6,850 $6,507
11,000 19,940 May $7,670 $7,286
12,000 17,400 December $7,940 $7,543
12,000 21,250 August $8,210 $7,799
12,000 24,000 October $8,400 $7,980
13,000 36,500 August $8,930 $8,438
13,000 26,000 December $9,100 $8,645
14,000 14,000 September $8,680 $8,246
15,000 15,050 September $9,300 $8,835
20,000 20,000 July $12,400 $11,780
21,000 19,250 September $12,900 $12,255
21,000 42,000 July $14,490 $13,675
30,000 30,000 May $18,000 $17,100
65,000 65,000 May $35,750 $33,962

Membership listing last updated:  10/8/2018

For annual fees on memberships refer to the chart at the bottom of this page or refer to our Online Fee Calculator

NOTE that we can also put together memberships for any size between 12,000 and 100,000 credits (or more) so if you are after something that we don’t have listed just contact us with your requirements.

Discount Price

The discount price is a 5% discount and applies automatically if you get your documents back to us within 14 days (21 days for international customers) of us emailing the documents to you.  We recommend you post back via Express Post (or Priority Post from NZ) to ensure the documents are not delayed in the post as we have found that standard mail has got very slow recently.

Redseason Bonus Benefits

All memberships we sell come with the Redseason Bonus Benefits that you will not get from any other seller (including Wyndham!).  Click here for more information on the bonus benefits.

Price Match Guarantee

We believe our prices are fair to both the buyer and seller however if you have seen a cheaper price advertised elsewhere for a membership with similar details then let us know and we will do our best to match it.

Other Membership Sizes

We can also put together larger memberships by combining two or more smaller memberships together. If you are after a different sized membership please email me the details of what you are looking for and I can let you know if we have anything suitable coming up shortly.

Other Fees

The prices listed are fully inclusive of all transfer fees so this is all you have to pay for the membership if you pay by bank transfer or bPay.  There is a surcharge for credit card payments, which is 1.8% surcharge for Visa or MasterCard and 4.35% for American Express.  Once the membership has been transferred to your name you are then responsible for the ongoing club fees.  The club membership levies for the 2018 year are as follows (note that fees are generally paid in either quarterly or monthly instalments):

Membership Size Annual Fee
6000-7000 $659.56
8000-10000 $811.72
11000-12000 $963.88
13000-15000 $1116.04
16000-17000 $1268.20
18000-20000 $1420.36
21000-22000 $1572.52
23000-25000 $1724.68
26000-27000 $1876.84
28000-30000 $2029.00
31000-32000 $2181.16
33000-35000 $2333.32

If you are interested in buying a membership but don’t see one you would like on the list please call or Contact Us for more information on upcoming memberships. We can also put together larger memberships from 12000 to 100000 credits (or more) by combining smaller memberships – call or email us for details if you are interested. Note: All prices are in Australian dollars, include the transfer fee and are the full price you will have to pay – there are no hidden extras with Annual Credits indicates the number of credits you receive each year for life, Available Credits indicates the number of “Saved” credits currently held in the membership and available for immediate use. Note that Worldmark memberships purchased on the secondhand market do not include the Privileges benefits as these are non-transferrable. For more information see Wyndham Privileges Program.

DISCLAIMER:  All prices listed are for the specific memberships we have in stock at the current time.  Each membership is priced individually so we can only guarantee the pricing details for the memberships in stock at any time – as memberships are sold and new memberships are added prices will change.

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