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Enjoy a lifetime of great holidays at a realistic price

At Redseason we are able to source a limited number of Club Wyndham South Pacific (formerly known as Worldmark by Wyndham) memberships at a price that puts them in the reach of the average family. Possibly the best news of all is that you don’t have to sit though a high pressure sales session to buy a membership from us.

Give us a call and experience old-fashioned customer service with no sales pressure at all – we are happy to answer any questions you have (or point you to the right place to get an answer if we cannot provide it) and you can take as much time as you need to make a decision. Please use the menu above to navigate through our website for more information on us, the Club Wyndham membership concept and buying or selling memberships.

Try our new WorldMark Fee and Upgrade Calculator to work out the fees on a membership and compare the cost of upgrading between Redseason and Wyndham.

side13side6side0 is committed to supporting you in three key areas, Education, Price, and Assistance.

Whether you are an existing Club Wyndham South Pacific owner, know “a little bit about it”, or have no clue about how the vacation club systems work, it’s ok. We will take the time to fully answer any questions or concerns you have about how a membership might work for you. Knowledge is power, and the more you know about what you are purchasing the better and more confident you feel about your decision to buy. 

We do not believe in high pressure sales tactics so you will not be forced to make a decision on the spot – you can take as long as you like to consider your decision so you wont feel pressured. Many of our customers have been on our newsletter email list for several years before making the decision to purchase a membership!


Update on Accor Vacation Club

We are no longer recommending memberships in the Accor Vacation Club as AVC are (in our opinion) unfairly refusing to process valid transfer requests for us (or taking up to 3 months to process transfers) and also unfairly preventing owners from combining memberships together.  If you are thinking of buying an AVC membership from Accor (or anywhere else) we strongly suggest you consider the Club Wyndham South Pacific option instead as in our opinion it is risky purchasing an AVC membership when there is no certainty that you will ever be able to sell it again in the future for a fair price.

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