Payment Options

Payment Options

We offer a number of different payment options – you can pay by:

  • Bank transfer or bank deposit direct to our account.
  • Credit card payments from VISA, Mastercard or Amex via Paypal
  • BPay payment
  • Cheque

Click here to pay an invoice via credit card.

Will you Match a Price?

If you have seen a membership with similar details to one we have listed advertised for a lower price then we will do our best to match it or if the price is below our cost price we will tell you to buy it instead!  Note that some private buyers will advertise a membership for a very low price that still has finance on it (and they expect you to take over the finance as well) or they will not be including the transfer costs in the price.  Also note that the memberships we sell are South Pacific memberships – we cannot match a price you have seen listed on a USA website as that will be for a USA based membership which cannot be used in the South Pacific.

Do You Offer Finance?

We are currently not able to offer finance on any memberships we sell however we are happy to hold a membership for you for a few days whilst you organise your own financing. Some of the options that you may like to investigate are:

  • Arrange a personal loan through your own bank or credit union
  • Redraw from a home loan
  • Bill to a credit card – note that there are several low interest credit cards available now which have interest rates lower than many personal loans plus you do not have to pay an application fee like you do with a loan. See the Money Manager website for a list of low interest credit cards that you can compare.
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