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Our Buy-Back Guarantee

Because we want all our customers to feel completely comfortable with their purchase we offer a buy-back guarantee to give you complete peace of mind. The guarantee is:

  1. If you change your mind in the first 30-days after buying from us we will buy-back your membership for the price you paid – less the transfer fee (which we can’t refund as it is paid to Wyndham). The Wyndham transfer fee is $200 if this is your first membership or $300 if we are combining with a current membership.
  2. For the next 12 months we will buy-back your membership at a minimum of 70% of the price you paid.
  3. After 12 months we will buy back your membership at our current market purchase price (ie. the same price we would offer to someone who purchased their membership from Wyndham and wanted to sell to us).

* The fine print! If your membership has fewer credits on it when you ask us to buy it back than it did when we sold it to you then we will adjust the price accordingly based on the number of credits actually available (but no doubt you had a great holiday with those credits so that is only fair isn’t it!). Also if any levies are outstanding they will also be deducted from the buy-back price.

If you ask Wyndham about their guarantee they will tell you they don’t have one! If you purchase from them you have a 7 day cooling off period but after that has expired they WILL NOT refund your money OR buy back your membership – your only option with them is to resell the membership on the secondary market at a loss of at least 80% of your original investment (ie. you will only get back at most 20% of what you paid if you purchase from Wyndham and need to resell).

Our guarantee far exceeds the minimum standards set by ASIC for timeshare sales – basically they only require a 1 week cooling off period and no buy-back option (so that is what the clubs are offering) but we give you the full 30-day cooling off and a buy-back option after that.

NOTE:  As of November 2015 our buy-back guarantee only applies to Worldmark by Wyndham memberships.  Due to Accor’s consistent refusal to work with the resale market we cannot provide a future guarantee to buy back AVC memberships.  If possible we will buy back AVC memberships from customers we have sold to in the past but we cannot guarantee that this option will be available.  Customers should consider this before deciding to purchase an AVC membership from us or anywhere else.

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