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Accor Vacation Club (AVC)

The Accor Vacation Club, or AVC for short (used to be call Accor Premiere Vacation Club or APVC), has been developed by Accor as their version of the holiday ownership concept.

At Redseason we pride ourselves in only selling a membership that we would be happy to purchase ourselves.  For nearly 10 years from 2006 to late 2015 we sold both the Worldmark by Wyndham and Accor Vacation Club Memberships as we considered them both to be good holiday options that we were happy to own.  In 2015 however Accor decided to take a tough stance on owners wanting to sell their memberships via Redseason and have refused to transfer memberships to or from Redseason on the basis that their constitution allows them to refuse a transfer without having to give a reason.  In addition they are also trying to prevent owners who purchase a secondhand membership from using Interval International to book overseas holidays which limits the usefulness of memberships purchased secondhand.  Finally Accor have consistently refused to allow owners to buy more points on the secondhand market to combine with their existing membership as a cost effective way to upgrade their membership.

With the above changes we feel that the Accor Vacation Club memberships no longer pass the “would we buy it?” test as there is now considerable doubt as to whether AVC owners will be able to sell their memberships in the future for a reasonable price.  It is sort of like buying a car only to be told by the manufacturer that you cannot ever sell it to anyone else and you have to keep paying the registration until the year 2080 even if you no longer want to drive the car.

We now suggest that anyone interested in this sort of timeshare club should look at the Worldmark by Wyndham club as it offers:

  • No unreasonable restrictions on buying or selling memberships.
  • Access to more resorts within Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.
  • Full access to three different exchange clubs (RCI, Interval International and Dial-an-exchange) for overseas use.  AVC owners only get Interval and may not be able to use even that one if you purchase a secondhand membership.
  • If you buy from Redseason we can currently offer you the ability to book the AVC resorts with your Worldmark points so you get the best of both clubs with the one purchase.
  • No booking restrictions on smaller memberships like AVC has so all owners have equal access to all resorts.
  • Points last for longer before expiring (you basically get an extra year to use your points with Worldmark as you only have to make your booking by the expiry date instead of having to take the holiday by the expiry date).
  • Ability to combine memberships together so you can start with a smaller membership and build it up over time without having to pay multiple membership fees.
  • Secondhand membership can be upgraded to get full Privileges benefits if you really want them (with AVC you can never get the extra developer benefits on a secondhand membership).
  • Better resale value in the future (based on past history and the new restrictions that Accor has just introduced).
  • Club is actively growing and adding more resorts.  AVC has had very little growth in the last 5 years.

If you have only been to an Accor Vacation Club presentation and want more information on how the Wyndham memberships work or have any other questions at all then we  are more than happy to discuss it with you in as much detail as you need – just give us a call on 1300 796089  or use the Contact Us form.

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