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Why Buy From Redseason?

Many of our customers comment on how different the experience is buying a membership from Redseason compared to buying from Wyndham or Accor.  The main differences are:


The most obvious difference and the main reason most people choose to buy secondhand is the price.  As you can see on our pricing pages for Wyndham memberships our prices are around a quarter of the price you would pay for the same membership purchased from Wyndham.

Redseason Bonus Benefits

Any customer who has ever purchased a membership from us is entitled to our great bonus benefits.  Currently the bonus benefits include:

  • Worldmark to Accor Exchange.  The ability to use your Worldmark credits to book holidays in the Accor Vacation Club.
  • Worldmark USA Bookings. Wyndham have recently stopped Worldmark owners who have purchased secondhand credits from using those credits in the Worldmark USA resorts. At Redseason we don’t think this is fair so we are offering the ability for you to make USA bookings using any credits you own with a full 13 month booking window (instead of the 11 month window that Wyndham offers).
  • Discounted Single Use Points.  If you just need extra points for a holiday then you can purchase single use Worldmark credits for 10c each (instead of the 19c each that Wyndham charges or our standard price of 12c each).  For Accor points our single use price is 27c per Accor point (compared to $1 per point that Accor was charging).
  • Discount off Holiday Rentals.  If you book one of our Holiday Specials then you will receive a further discount off the standard price.  We are also happy to make bookings for RBB owners at either club for a cash price subject to availability (so Accor or Worldmark owners can make a cash booking at a Worldmark or Accor resort).

For more details on the above benefits please refer to our Redseason Bonus Benefits page.

Advice and No-Pressure Sale

Whether you are an existing Worldmark by Wyndham or Accor Vacation Club owner, know “a little bit about it”, or have no clue about how the vacation club systems work, it’s ok. We will take the time to fully answer any questions or concerns you have about how a membership might work for you. Knowledge is power, and the more you know about what you are purchasing the better and more confident you feel about your decision to buy. We do not believe in high pressure sales tactics so you will not be forced to make a decision on the spot – you can take as long as you like to consider your decision so you wont feel pressured. We won’t try and trick you with threats that you have to sign today or you won’t get the full benefits, etc. Many of our customers have been on our newsletter email list for several years before making the decision to purchase a membership!

We have an easy, clear cut way for you to purchase a membership: pick out the size membership you want and provide us with your details, we send you the forms which just sign and return to us and we then get the club to transfer the ownership to your name. Once you are happy that everything is legitmate you pay us the purchase price and then you can start to use the membership immediately. There are no other fees, taxes, or commissions. It’s that easy!

For complete peace-of-mind we also offer a buy-back guarantee. If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason we will buy it back off you – neither of the developers will offer you this!

After you’ve purchased your membership from us it doesn’t stop there. We are available to answer questions and offer suggestions to help maximize the benefits of your new membership. You will receive a monthly newsletter highlighting what’s happening at Worldmark and Accor Vacation Club such as new resorts that are opening, owner tips and vacation spot highlights.

We always do our best to make sure that you as the customer are happy – and you don’t have to pay extra at Redseason to feel like a “privileged” customer!

If you have any questions please feel free to email or call us for more information – we are here to help you. Please see Contact Us for our contact details.

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