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Redseason Bonus Benefits

At Redseason we are constantly looking for new ways to help Club Wyndham South Pacific owners get the best possible value for their membership.  That is why if you purchase your membership from us (or add more credits to an existing membership) you not only get great value on the purchase price but we also give you access to our “Redseason Bonus Benefits”.  So as long as you have purchased from us at some time you are eligible for the following bonus benefits:

Club Wyndham to Accor Exchange

If you have a Club Wyndham membership purchased from Redseason then you can use your Wyndham credits to make bookings in the Accor Vacation Club properties.  The rules for this are:

  • Bookings can be made up to 12 months in advance
  • The credit conversion rate is 2.5 Worldmark credits for each AVC point used in the booking.  For example a 7 night booking in a 2 bedroom apartment that cost 5000 AVC points would convert to 12500 Worldmark credits.
  • There is $75 booking fee per booking.  Note that if you book multiple resorts at the same time we treat it as a single booking so you will only pay the fee once.
  • Normal AVC booking rules and cancellation rules apply to the bookings.
  • You must have enough available credits on your membership to cover the full booking cost OR you can pay for any extra credits required at 10c per credit.  You cannot borrow from your next annual allocation for one of these bookings.
  • One housekeeping token is also required per resort booking (we can invoice you a cash rate if you do not have any tokens available).

Please Click Here for the full rules of this exchange program and how to request a booking (please read this before you contact us to make a booking!).

Worldmark USA Bookings

Wyndham do not allow Club Wyndham owners who have purchased secondhand credits from using those credits in the Worldmark USA resorts. At Redseason we don’t think this is fair so we are offering the ability for you to make USA bookings using any credits you have purchased form Redseason.  In order to make a USA booking you just need to email us with the details of the booking you want to make (resort, room size and dates) and we will confirm the booking for you and then transfer the required number of credits to us.  As with the Accor bookings you must have enough available credits for the booking as we cannot used borrowed credits.  We do charge a fee per booking of $75 which covers our costs for moving credits around and our time to make the USA bookings.  If you book multiple resorts at the same time we treat it as a single booking and only charge you the fee once.

Discounted Single Use Credits

If you just need extra points for a holiday then you can purchase single use Club Wyndham credits for 10c each (instead of the up to 19c each that Wyndham charges or our standard price of 12c each).  Subject to availability we also offer extra discounted credits at 8c each if you are happy with credits expiring within the next 30 days (which is fine if you are just using them to make a new booking).

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