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AVC Memberships for Sale

Why we no longer sell AVC memberships

The Accor Vacation Club is currently trying to prevent any trade in secondhand memberships.  They have implemented the following restrictions:

  • Owners can not sell their membership to a reseller who wants to sell it on at a higher price
  • Owners cannot buy a second membership and combine it with their existing membership to have a cost effective way to upgrade their membership.  Accor claims it is in club owners best interests to be forced to purchase any upgrade direct from the club at their full retail price.

They have also implemented harsher restrictions on the use of secondhand memberships including trying to prevent owners from using Interval International.

With these changes we can no longer in good conscience sell an AVC membership as we do not believe that they are a good investment with these restrictions and it may be impossible to resell the membership in the future if your needs ever change which means you (or your children) will have to keep paying the annual fees until the end of the life of the club (at least until 2080).

If you are after a timeshare membership we suggest you look at the Worldmark by Wyndham club instead as it offers the following benefits over the AVC club:

  • No unreasonable restrictions on buying or selling memberships
  • Access to more resorts within Australia, New Zealand and Fiji
  • Full access to three different exchange clubs (RCI, Interval International and Dial-an-exchange) for overseas use.  AVC owners only get Interval and may not be able to use even that one if you purchase a secondhand membership.
  • If you buy from Redseason we can currently offer you the ability to book the AVC resorts with your Worldmark points (subject to Accor not finding a way to stop us doing this – they haven’t so far!)
  • No booking restrictions on smaller memberships like AVC has
  • Points last for longer before expiring (you basically get an extra year to use your points with Worldmark as you only have to make your booking by the expiry date instead of having to take the holiday by the expiry date)
  • Ability to combine memberships together so you can start with a smaller membership and build it up over time
  • Secondhand membership can be upgraded to get full Privileges benefits if you really want them (with AVC you can never get the extra developer benefits on a secondhand membership)
  • Better resale value in the future
  • Club is actively growing and adding more resorts.  AVC has had very little growth in the last 5 years.

Please refer to our Worldmark Price List for details of the Worldmark by Wyndham memberships we currently have available for sale.

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