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Club Wyndham and Accor Vacation Club

What are the Club Wyndham and Accor Vacation Clubs?

Club Wyndham South Pacific (formerly called Worldmark South Pacific Club), developed by Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific (formerly Trendwest Resorts), and the Accor Vacation Club are generally described as either timeshare clubs or vacation clubs. Unlike traditional timeshare where you are limited to holidaying at a particular resort during “your week” each year Club Wyndham South Pacific and Accor Vacation Club (AVC) both give you much greater freedom to choose where to go, when to go and how long to stay for.

Both clubs use a credits or points based system to give you the flexibility to decide how, where and when you want to vacation. Each year you receive an allocation of points depending on the size of your membership. You can then use these points to book your accomodation at the various club owned resorts, swap them for weeks at other resorts round the world through an exchange program (such as RCI or Interval International) or save them up to have a bigger holiday next year.

In this way you are not locked into the same vacation year after year. So you can have a romantic getaway to Fiji, a fun-filled family vacation on the Gold Coast or a weekend of shopping and theatre in Sydney. With Club Wyndham or Accor Vacation Club the choice is yours and the consistent high quality of the resorts means you will have a great time anywhere you choose to go.

Some of the advantages of these timeshare clubs compared to traditional timeshare or just paying for a hotel room each year are:

  • You own your future holiday accommodation entitlements instead of renting them each year (no GST is payable!)
  • You can stay for as little as 1 night or for as long as your points will allow
  • You can stay in a different resort each year or return to your favourite location
  • Resort quality is consistent so you always know what to expect when you arrive
  • Resort values always stay the same (so if you buy enough points for a week per year in a particular resort then in 20 years those points will still get you a week per year)
  • Memberships last a lifetime (until 2080 at least) and can be sold, willed or given away in the future.
  • You can use your points to book holidays for friends and family.
  • Club apartments that have not been booked by members can be reserved at short notice for cash (at very discounted rates) – this is called bonus time (or Fun Time).

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