Club Wyndham South Pacific

Club Wyndham South Pacific (formerly known as WorldMark by Wyndham) is the largest holiday ownership club in the South Pacific Region and is developed by Wyndham (formerly Trendwest). There are over 56,000 owners who have already joined the club and discovered the benefits of owning their future holidays.

The main benefits of the club are:

  • By buying a membership you are buying the right to use the club owned properties owned by Club Wyndham South Pacific  through to at least the year 2080. So you own your future holidays instead of renting them each year.
  • Unlike traditional timeshare you are not restricted to a set week or a set location – you can choose your resort location, length of stay, size of apartment and time of year and this can be different each year.
  • You have access to all the Club Wyndham South Pacific resorts and any future resorts that are added in to the club – a list of these resorts can be found on the Wyndham Resorts page of our website.
  • For even more choice you can join RCI, Interval International or Dial-an-exchange to swap your points for accomodation in literally thousands of resorts all around the world.
  • You can save your credits for up to 2 years or borrow from the following year to enable you to have a bigger holiday.
  • As well as using your credits you can use Bonus Time or Fun Time to make reservations at short notice using cash instead of credits. For example a 1 bedroom apartment will generally cost between $80 and $120 per night depending on the season and location (note that this is the total cost per room – not per person!).
  • You can use Grab-It deals for discounted bookings at Club Wyndham South Pacific resorts.  Grab-It is available to all owners (it is not a Privileges benefit) and gives you access to discounted credit or cash bookings at club properties as per the listings that Worldmark put on their website each month.
  • If you can’t use your credits in a particular year you can make a reservation for relatives or friends or even make a booking and rent the room out.
  • Your holiday investment is protected as all club properties are fully owned and are completely free of any mortgages.
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