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Club Wyndham to Accor Exchange

Club Wyndham to Accor Exchange

If you have a Club Wyndham membership purchased from Redseason then you can use your Club Wyndham credits to make bookings in the Accor Vacation Club properties.  The rules for this are:

  • Bookings can be made up to 12 months in advance.
  • The credit conversion rate is 2.5 Worldmark credits for each AVC point used in the booking.  For example a 7 night booking in a 2 bedroom apartment that cost 5000 AVC points would convert to 12500 Worldmark credits.
  • There is $75 booking fee per booking.  Note that if you book multiple resorts at the same time we treat it as a single booking so you will only pay the fee once.
  • Normal AVC booking rules and cancellation rules apply to the bookings.
  • You must have enough available credits on your membership to cover the full booking cost OR you can pay for any extra credits required at 10c per credit.  Unfortunately you cannot borrow from your next annual allocation for one of these bookings.
  • One housekeeping token is also required per resort booking (we can invoice you a cash rate if you do not have any tokens available).

Booking Window

All bookings are subject to the normal AVC booking window rules depending on the number of nights you want to book.  The rules are:

  • 7 night bookings can be made up to 12 months ahead
  • 4-6 night bookings can be made up to 6 months ahead
  • 2-3 night midweek bookings (not including Friday or Saturday) can be made up to 6 months ahead
  • 2-3 night weekend bookings (Friday and/or Saturday included in the booking) can be made up to 45 days ahead.

Cancellation Policy

The bookings are subject to the AVC cancellation policy plus an extra fee as follows:

  • No cancellation within 7 days of check-in
  • For cancellations 8 to 90 days before check in there will be a $60 cancellation fee and 50% loss of points
  • For cancellations 91 days or more prior to check in there will be a $60 cancellation fee but no loss of points.

Points from a cancelled reservation (less the above penalty if applicable) can be held with Redseason for use in a future reservation OR we can transfer them back to your membership but there is an extra $25 charge for that.

Reservation Procedure

Currently all reservation requests must be sent by email to with the following details:

  • Resort(s) you are interested in booking
  • Check in date(s) – if you are flexible then you can specify a range of dates – e.g. anytime from 1st to 15th June
  • Number of nights you need
  • Number of people staying and preferred room size
  • Contact phone number(s)

We will then check availability and respond by email or phone with the details of what options (if any) are available and what the points cost will be.  If you wish to proceed we will then make the booking for you and send you an invoice for the booking fee and a transfer form to sign for the credit transfer.

You can download a document containing the points required for the different Accor resorts and the season dates from our website at:
(Note that AVC seasons do not generally change much from year to year so next year’s dates will be very similar).

You can browse all the available AVC resort details on their website here:
AVC Resort Directory

The Fine Print!

Club Wyndham South Pacific to Accor Exchange is only available to Club Wyndham owners who have purchased at least 6000 credits from at any time. Bookings are subject to availability (of course!) and the normal AVC booking rules.  Bookings can be made for guests if you provide the guest name at the time of booking.  There is a $30 charge to change the guest name after the booking is in place. All guests must adhere to the normal AVC rules when at the resorts and provide a photo ID and credit card or cash deposit at the time of check-in as requested by Accor.  We reserve the right to terminate this Bonus Benefit at any time, to limit the number of bookings any individual makes during a year or to refuse any booking request if we do not have the means to fulfil it (we are making these bookings on AVC memberships we own so there is a limit to how many we can do before we run out of points).

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