Holidays For Sale

We sometimes have holidays booked on memberships we own that we cannot use or our customers may have holidays booked that they are unable to use but don’t want to cancel (for example they may be booked with expired credits that will be lost if the holiday is cancelled). We offer these holidays for sale so that others can make use of them to try out the club before buying a membership or just to get an extra holiday without using your credits. You do not have to own a membership to take one of these holidays or be an existing customer.  For more details on any of these holidays just use the enquiry form at the right of the page or email

Wyndham Resorts

ResortRoom SizeCheck-in DateNightsPriceRBB Price
Golden Beach1 bedroom3/4/218$1000$950
Golden Beach1 bedroom11/4/216$700$650

*Note: Both of the above bookings were made via an owner with a USA membership so they are non-refundable if you do purchase.  Contact us for further details.

Other Resorts

ResortRoom SizeCheck-in DateNightsPriceRBB Price
The Bishop Selwyn NZPenthouse2/4/217$1400$1250
The Bishop Selwyn NZ1 bedroom2/4/217$1000$900
The Bishop Selwyn NZ2 bedroom2/4/217$1200$1050
The Bishop Selwyn NZ2 bedroom9/4/217$1000$900
The Bishop Selwyn NZPenthouse2/7/21 or 9/7/217$1400$1250
Club Paihia NZ2 bedroom3/4, 16/7, 2/10/217$1000$900
Club Paihia NZ1 bedroom10/7, 16/7, 1/10/217$800$700
Club Paihia NZStudio16/4/217$600$500
Mt Hutt Resort NZ1 bedroom3/4/217$1000$900
Mt Hutt Resort1 bedroom17/7/217$1000$900
Club Pacific
Queenstown NZ
2 bedroom18/6/217$1200$1050
Club Pacific
Queenstown NZ
2 bedroom16/7/217$1200$1050
Pines Resort Wanaka2 bedroom2/7/217$1200$1050
Kaimanawa Lodge
(Lake Taupo NZ)
1 bedroom26/3, 2/4
or 23/7/21
Kaimanawa Lodge
(Lake Taupo NZ)
2 bedroom9/7/217$1200$1000
Ridge Resort
(Queenstown NZ)
3 bedroom2/4/21 or 23/7/217$1400$1200
Bayview Apartments
Phillip Island VIC
2 bedroom25/6/217$1000$900
Bayview Apartments
Phillip Island VIC
2 bedroom17/9/217$1000$900

Details of each resort can be found on their web page:
Pacific View Resort Caloundra
Kaimanawa Lodge NZ (Turangi, North Island, NZ)
The Bishop Selwyn (Paihia, North Island, NZ)
Club Paihia (North Island, NZ)
Mt Hutt Resort (NZ)
Club Pacific Queenstown (South Island, NZ)
Pines Resort Wanaka (South Island, NZ)
Bayview Apartments Phillip Island (VIC)

Redseason Bonus Benefits

RBB price is the “Redseason Bonus Benefits” price and applies if you have purchased a full membership from us (either Worldmark or Accor Vacation Club) at any time in the past.  If you have not purchased from us then the normal price applies.  See the Why Buy From Us page for more information on the Redseason Bonus Benefits

Try Before You Buy

If you book one of these holidays to try out the club and then decide to buy a membership from us within 12 months of taking the holiday we will deduct 30% of the holiday price off any membership you purchase.

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