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Wyndham Lifestyle you buy a Club Wyndham South Pacific membership from Redseason you receive all the club provided benefits that any other owner would receive. The only thing you do not get are some additional benefits that Wyndham provide under the name Lifestyle By Wyndham (formerly called Privileges until April 2021). Note that Wyndham has only been supplying Privileges/Lifestyle benefits to new owners since mid-November 2006 – anyone who purchased a membership prior to this date will not receive the Lifestyle benefits unless they purchase more credits directly from Wyndham or pay to convert their membership to Lifestyle.

So What is Lifestyle?

The Lifestyle benefits are some additional benefits provided to Club Wyndham owners who purchased their credits direct from Wyndham. It is important to note that the Lifestyle benefits are provided by Wyndham and as such they are not written into the club constitution like the Club Wyndham benefits so they can be changed or cancelled at any time. There are a number of different tiers of benefits depending on how many Lifestyle qualified credits you own.

Due to the complexity of the Privileges benefits we have prepared a downloadable PDF document which details exactly what you get with each level of Lifestyle, how much it will cost you to get that level and how you can get most of the benefits that Lifestyle has in a much cheaper way.

Click here to download our guide “The Truth About Lifestyle”

Common Lifestyle (Privileges) Myths

Myth: All new resorts in the future will only be available to Lifestyle owners.
Fact: This is totally false. In order to create more credits to sell to new owners Wyndham must add new apartments into the club that are available to all Club Wyndham owners regardless of whether they have Lifestyle or not.

Myth: Privileges owners can book club resorts further in advance or get preferential booking at the resorts.
Fact: This is also totally false. All owners have exactly the same booking rights at the club owned resorts and can book them up to 13 months in advance.

Myth: You cannot use RCI for overseas bookings unless you have Privileges.
Fact: Any Worldmark owner can join RCI and use their services. The only difference is that Wyndham pays the RCI annual fee for Lifestyle owners (but then gets that back by charging owners an extra Lifestyle fee) where as non-Privileges owners just need to pay the exchange company directly for the annual fee (but of course you then get to choose whether you need it or not and only pay for it if you do want to use it. Lifestyle owners have to pay regardless of whether they are going to use it or not.

Myth: Your membership is second-rate if you don’t have Lifestyle.
Fact: All Club Wyndham memberships are exactly the same and have the same club benefits and rights.

Myth: The only way to get Lifestyle is by purchasing all your credits from Wyndham.
Fact: There are several ways to get Lifestyle and buying all your credits direct from Wyndham is usually the most expensive option. You can purchase some credits from us and then some from Wyndham or buy all the credits from us and then pay a conversion fee to Wyndham. See the “Truth About Lifestyle” document for some examples with pricing for these different options.

If you have any questions at all about Lifestyle then please use the Contact Us page to call, email or send us a message and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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