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Are You Looking for the Best Australian Timeshares? Find a Club Wyndham Timeshare for Sale in Australia at Redseason

If you love travelling and would like to do as much of it as possible, looking for an Australian timeshare for sale might be an excellent option for you. Thousands of people have discovered the joys of joining a holiday ownership club such as Club Wyndham Australia. Whereas with a traditional timeshare, owners typically pay a certain amount upfront plus maintenance fees, and this allows them to use the property for a set amount of time (e.g. one week per year). However, modern timeshares are more likely to use a points-based system. The best timeshares are the ones that offer points that give users more flexibility when it comes to where and when they travel. If you’re thinking of purchasing a timeshare, consider the following:

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You’ll save money on travelling

Most Club Wyndham Australia Resorts are fully equipped with one to two bedrooms (with some having up to four bedrooms) and a kitchen and laundry facilities in self-contained apartments. These facilities save you extra expenses of coin-operated washers and dryers and eating all your meals in restaurants. The resorts are also fully furnished, which saves you the money you would spend on furniture if you purchased a private vacation property. Not to mention how much money you’ll save over the years on travel by not having to pay each time for hotel rooms.

You’ll be guaranteed a luxurious holiday every year

When you find an Australian timeshare for sale at Redseason and purchase it for yourself, you’ll have a ready-made holiday just waiting for you each year. Being a member locks in your holiday lifestyle, allowing you the freedom to visit dozens of different resorts and experience something new on every trip. You won’t have to worry about growing weary of visiting the same resort year after year. Use your points when and how you like for a custom experience.

You’ll have the flexibility you need

Things happen unexpectedly, but with Wyndham timeshares, you have options. You’re free to transfer your points to your family or friends, or you can trade with other timeshare owners to experience a new destination. You can save your points for up to two years to take a more extended trip, or you can borrow points from the upcoming year if you’d like. Also, if you decide it’s not for you after all, selling your timeshare is easy with Redseason.

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Find the best timeshares at

At Redseason, we are passionate about connecting people with the luxury timeshares they want for a fraction of the cost (about 20%) of buying directly from Wyndham. Even with the much lower price, however, the core membership is the same. That means that merely by purchasing from Redseason instead of Wyndham, you can save a staggering 80% on your timeshare. We also offer outstanding customer service and strive to make every buying and selling experience as quick and easy as possible.

Feel free to contact us with any questions – we never employ high-pressure sales methods, and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs and help you determine if one of our timeshares is right for you.

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