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Looking to Buy Worldmark Credits for Sale or Interested in Selling? Redseason Can Help

Have you been tempted to purchase a timeshare? These properties are jointly owned by multiple people who share it and use it at different times throughout the year. You typically find timeshares in desirable locations, and owners sometimes even swap them temporarily so that they can experience even more exotic destinations. A timeshare is a great alternative to continually booking hotel rooms for people who love to travel.

About the Worldmark South Pacific Club

If you’re in the market for a timeshare, you should know a few things about Worldmark. The Worldmark South Pacific Club, developed by Wyndham, is the region’s largest holiday ownership club. More than 47,000 owners have joined the club so far and are discovering the benefits of Worldmark holidays. Some of the best advantages of this club include:

  • The ability to use club-owned properties until at least the year 2080, meaning that you can own all your future holidays instead of shelling out for repeated rentals.
  • The freedom to choose your resort location, time of year, apartment size, and length of stay – and this does not have to be the same each year.
  • Access to all club-owned resorts and any resorts we add in the future. You can see our resorts here.
  • The option to join a program such as RCI, Dial-an-Exchange, or Interval International to swap points for accommodation in thousands of resorts throughout the world.
  • You won’t lose your credits if you can’t go one year – save your points for up to two years for an even bigger holiday (or borrowing from the upcoming year). You can also let your friends or family use your points in your absence.

Worldmark resorts

As a member of the Worldmark South Pacific Club, you’ll have access to thirty resorts in the South Pacific area. We focus on resort-style destinations that cater to families, and most of our resorts offer one- and two-bedroom apartments (some offer up to four-bedroom accommodation). Enjoy exploring a variety of destinations including Cairns, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Port Macquarie, Hunter Valley, Phillip Island, Phuket, Rotorua, and many more.

Find Worldmark credits for sale at Redseason

Hoping to find credits from Worldmark for sale at a great price? Redseason is the answer. We love connecting people with the holiday ownership they want. With our range of resort destinations, you can find the right accommodation for you and your family, from small apartments to spacious lodgings. Most resorts offer plenty of the amenities you want including swimming pools, hot tubs, fitness centres, and more.

At Redseason, you can find people selling Worldmark credits for you to buy – or sell your own. Lock in your future holiday accommodation at today’s price when you buy Worldmark credits from Redseason. Enjoy the value, flexibility, and convenience of purchasing a timeshare for a fraction of the cost of buying from Wyndham. Whether you’re buying or selling, trust Redseason as the leading reseller of Worldmark credits in Australia and New Zealand. Contact us today to learn more.

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