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Why Redseason Will No Longer Sell Accor Vacation Club or Have Accor Timeshare or Membership Options for Sale

Deciding to purchase a vacation club or timeshare membership is a big decision for a family to make. People want to be assured that when making that decision, they are getting full benefits offered by a vacation club as well the ability to re-sell it in the future. At Redseason, we only will sell a timeshare membership if we feel that we would purchase it for ourselves.

In the past, we felt that selling Accor Vacation Club membership was a good option for families. However, in recent times, Accor has changed some of the rules of resale of their memberships through Redseason. If you had purchased with Accor, now you may not be able to resell it through Redseason. Other restrictions implemented by Accor may include not being able to use your points to book through Interval International. Also, if you purchase an Accor membership through Redseason, you may not be able to upgrade or buy future points through us.

For these reasons, we no longer sell Accor timeshare vacation club or timeshare membership programs.

Instead of an Accor Membership for Sale – Purchase a Worldmark by Wyndham

Family holidays are some of the most precious times to experience with your loved ones. Why not enjoy this time by having quality accommodation, benefits and travel options that your family can enjoy for years to come?

By purchasing a Worldmark by Wyndham membership through Redseason, you will enjoy significant savings on your timeshare, often up to 80% and you will receive the primary core membership benefits as if you had purchased directly through Worldmark. We add our very own Redseason Bonus Benefits as well, and the whole vacation club membership comes at a much lower price.

Being part of Wyndham includes access to all Worldmark South Pacific Resorts and any resorts that open in the future. You will also be able to exchange your Worldmark resort with other exchange companies such as RCI, Interval International, and Dial-An-Exchange. Exchanging with these companies can open the entire world for you to travel, explore and holiday.

No High-Pressure Sales at Redseason

Since 2005, Redseason has been the leading reseller of Worldmark South Pacific Club in Australia and New Zealand. As we only offer membership with Worldmark by Wyndham and no longer sell Accor Vacation Club membership – we have extensive knowledge of the details of how Worldmark memberships work.

We are very friendly at Redseason and will never put pressure on you to decide immediately over the phone. We will give you sound, trustworthy advice about how vacation club memberships work. We understand that purchasing a timeshare is an important decision to make and that you may wish to consider and discuss this with your family.

Please feel free to call today to chat about how a Worldmark by Wyndham membership could fit into your families’ lifestyle. We provide exceptional customer service, and we are proud that we have many repeat customers who continue to work with us.

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